Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blog Slug Again??

I know... it's been so long already now... almost a month... and there's always excuses as to why no postings... work... unpacking... laziness... all of the above... and indeed... now that we're into the house and trying to get situated things are indeed pretty crazy in general. Even though we've been in the house now for what... 3 weeks... we're still digging through boxes and looking for things... but even today was a positive day as more boxes were emptied and move junk was put in its rightful place... and more and more the house here is feeling like home as stuff we haven't seen in more than 3 years is coming out of boxes from its storage time ... and well... it's just nice to be settling in for a now. The tower computer is up ... and every time it goes to screen saver we see pictures of the last 3 years and are reminded of all our great friends in Egypt and wish oh so much that we were still there... but alas... this is where we're suppose to be for now... and then on a day like today... Armistice Day as our Brit friends would call it... so many memories of Active Duty military days now gone day... wow... hard to believe that those days are memories and not days that I'm actively living... but irregardless... times being stationed in the U.K. with memorial parades and the after parade gatherings with other vets ... and then there's the transition to here... the kids are in school... but they're finding it difficult without any friends ... and yes... in time they will choose friends here... but for now... they have each other....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Colors of the Season

The colors that come out during the fall season are great to see... and the red heart below is on the tree in our new front yard...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Even Trixie Gets to Make the Trip

Trixie will get to the make the trip... and there's a few things to be said about this statement... 1st of all she has indeed become a member of the family... and we've made a commitment to her too to take care of her... because we all have faults... including the dog... but that's not a reason to cast her out of the family... so she's with us... now to set this story straight... I had taken her back to the Humane Society that we got her from... 6 weeks after we'd had her... but went back to get her 2 days later because I knew she was suppose to be with us... God had given her to us... so... she's our dog. This is the day Sandra and I went and got her back while the girls were at school and here they are enjoying her again.

Rappahannock River

Just a simple view of the Rappahannock River from RT 3 (taken on a bridge... out the window at 45 mph...) and then from the landing close to the train station in downtown Frederickburg. This will be a great view in another week or two as the leaves change colors.

Sings of Change

Usually you don't think of the sings on the freeway as "signs of change" but tomorrow they will signify the beginning of a change of location for our family as Sandra and the girls begin heading to Virginia and join me here... it's been a long 6 weeks apart with a few visits and webcams everyday but those days are going to be behind us tomorrow.